Rose Wines

Rosé wines happen when the skins of red grapes are brought in contact with the rest of the grape for only a short time. To be considered a Rosé the wine must be made exclusively from red wine grapes. When the wine reaches the perfect color, the winemaker stops the contact with the grape skin. Almost any red wine grape can be made into a rose colored wine, but there are preferred grapes for making these wines. It may be the oldest know wine in the world, and any red wine grape can make a rosé or blush wine. Rosé is best consumed chilled and young, no more than 2 or 3 years old. Best paired with BBQ, poultry, light fish, potato chips, cookies, you name it.

Blush & White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel wine is made with Zinfandel grapes while Blush is made from red wine grapes. Both tend to be inexpensive and popular among those that like a sweeter wine. Both are sweet, fruity and juicy and bright pink in color.

Rosé Champagne

Rosé Champagne can be some of the most expensive champagne around. In order for a wine to be called Champagne it must be from the Champagne region of northern/central France. Rosé Champagne is sometimes tinted with Pinot Noir near the end of processing which has been said to add richness. Another method called saignée involves letting the red wine skins bleed into the clear grape juice. Either method creates some fantastic Champagne.

Provence Rosé

A Provence Rosé is from the area of France between Nice and Marseille. It tends to be a dry rosé and a very versatile wine. The skins from the red grape are kept in contact with the crushed grapes for just a short period of time to gain its color. Food pairings are typically light seafood and fish dishes, light pasta dishes and pork.

Rosato & Rosado

Rosato is Italy’s name for Rosé wine, the Rosato changes based on the region and its climate. Like Rosato in Italy, Rosado is the term for Rosé wine in Spain. Both use different types of grapes than France and both have their regional differences. Both are refreshing and should be served chilled.

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