Red Wines

So what makes Red Wine red? All grapes have clear or “white” juice. Red wine is made when the grapes are crushed and left in contact with the red or black skins of the grape. This is what gives the wine it’s color. Red wine made with one type of grape is a single-variety red wine or, varietal red. A wine made with several different grapes is a red blend. Some of the best blends are called Meritage with no more than one varietal equaling more than 90% of one particular grape.

Syrah (or Shiraz)

What’s the difference between Shiraz and Syrah? Turns out not much! Both come from the same type of very dark skinned grape but their flavor profile is dependent on the region that they’re grown in. Both Shiraz and Syrah tend to be very full flavored and bold, great with red meat and cheeses. Wine labeled Shiraz is typically made outside of Europe and may be more predominately fruit forward and peppery. Those made with the same grapes within Europe (labeled Syrah) tend to be more earthy and made in an Old World style.


Malbec is a dark inky red wine traditionally from France that was used in a Bordeaux blend originally. Although most Malbec until recently was grown in France, Argentina is now host to the majority of Malbec wines. Argentinian Malbec tends to be a little less heavy on the tannins and has a softer finish, making it a favorite. Malbec being a very thin skinned grape is very susceptible to disease, and therefore is not a high yield grape. Because of its dark color and strong tannins it is often used in red blends. Its beautiful color and plum/fruity profile make it a wonderful wine to pair with pizza, Indian and Mexican foods.


Merlot meaning “little blackbird” in French is a dark blue colored grape, considered a milder tasting red wine. It is also one of the primary grapes used in Bordeaux wines, and the most common planted grape in the Bordeaux region. Merlot is a single varietal but is also used often in blended reds in order to soften, and add less tannins than say a Cabernet Sauvignon. With its fruit driven plum and cherry flavors, smoother finish, and less expensive price compared to Cabernet Sauvignon, it is considered to be a great red wine pair for many foods.


The Zinfandel grape is originally thought to be from Croatia, and is a black skinned grape varietal. 10% of grapes grown in California are Zinfandel grapes. These grapes are also the source for the very popular White Zinfandel wine. Old Vine Zin is created primarily in California from grapes grown on vines 50 years or older. Zinfandel on its own is typically an exotic stone fruit centric wine with some spice and tobacco notes. Jammy and fruity, Zinfandels are best paired with meats. Especially lamb and stews with heavy sauces.


Chianti traditionally made in a short bottle incased in a straw basket found its origins in central Tuscany, Italy. The word Chianti was first used in 1716 and began the tradition of Chianti wines. Chianti needs to be made with at least 75% Sangiovese grapes to be considered a Chianti. Because of its high acidity and tannins it pairs very well with tomato based Italian foods.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir originally from the Burgundy region of France is named from the French words for “pine and black” since the pinot grapes resemble a black pine cone shape. Pinot Noir grapes are now grown all over the world but especially in colder climates. Pinot Noir has wide appeal due to its mild tannins and higher acidity. It is a lighter bodied red wine that pairs well with chicken, duck, and creamy cheeses.


In nearly every part of the globe, Cabernet Sauvignon is considered the most famous of the red wines. With its thick skins and hardy vines it is easy to grow in many parts of the world. Full bodied, high in alcohol and with bold tannins it is by far the most popular on the menu. Dark fruit and earthy notes make this pair well with fatty meats and sharp cheeses. Cabernet also ages well and can be held for decades with proper storage.

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From Cab to Merlot and Shiraz to Pinot, there is plenty to buy and try in the wide world of red wine.


From Cab to Merlot and Shiraz to Pinot, there is plenty to buy and try in the wide world of red wine.


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